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Cuba Travel Guide

Cuba Tourism entails the multifaceted aspects of traveling in Cuba. A comprehensive knowledge about Cuba Tourism is required before setting forth on a wonderful vacation to the island of Cuba.

Cuba Tourism Essentials
Prior to planning a trip to Cuba, one should keep in mind the following things:
  • Weather of Cuba : The current temperature is around 23°C and throughout the year it remains sunny and humid. The rainy season from May to October is best avoided.
  • Flights to Cuba : The international as well as domestic connectivity of Cuba is good and one may not have problems in this case.
  • Cuba Hotels : Staying in Cuba is not a big hassle since there are luxury as well as budget hotels.
  • Cuba Maps : It is very important to have Cuba maps handy, for better Cuba Tourism .
Cuba Tourism Destinations
Cuba Tourism offers a fascinating assortment of travel locations in the form of cities like:
  • Havana
  • Santiago de Cuba
  • Varadero
  • Baracoa
  • Cienfuegos
Cuba Tourism Attractions
  • Cuba Beaches : They are really beautiful and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding sea.
  • Cuban Sports : The sports season of baseball attracts numerous lovers of this game.
  • Cuba Tourism is famous for its scenic views, landscapes, people, culture and exotic locations with old cities that have ancient stories to say.

Honeymoon in Cuba Honeymoon in Cuba can be a life time experience for the both of you if you are planning to take the vow and live the bliss for a while in Cuba. One of the hottest honeymoon destinations in the world,
Cuban honeymoon packages brings you the satisfaction of tying the knot like never before. Be it tying the knot, going for honeymoon, renewing your marriage vows or re-honeymoon plans, Cuba with its multifaceted activities, culture, and destinations guarantees to live up to your expectations of an ideal beach heaven.

There is a number of Honeymoon Destinations in Cuba, out of which Sol Melia Cuba is the most important one. Sol Melia Cuba is a much tested name by thousands of couples who have approached its wedding services. This amazing honeymoon guide shoulders all your responsibilities of looking into the meticulous details that need to be taken care during honeymooning and wedding. Of course all this while you can enjoy the privacy you've always longed for and stay oblivious of the world around you.

Following are the names of some resorts and Hotels that you can consider, if you are looking forhoneymooning in Cuba:
  • Paradise Resorts
  • Sol Hotels
  • Melia Hotels
Honeymoon in Cuba also includes special services. Here are some of the honeymooning and wedding services which you expect from the above mentioned hotels and resorts:
  • Photo Services
  • Special Bridal Packages
  • Wedding Cards
  • Private Dinners.
Apart from these obvious wedding and honeymoon services there are lots more to be taken care of and needless to say you need not worry, just chill out while you are Honeymoon in Cuba.

Cuba Visa
Take a break from your daily hectic schedule of life and visit Cuba to explore the hidden beauty of the magnificent country. However, the first thing that you will need to make the trip is aCuba Visa . A Cuba Visa or a tourist card is a must when you are traveling to Cuba.

Different Features of Cuba Visa :
The Cuba Visa enables you to stay for at least 30 days in the land of Cuba. After this period you have to renew your Cuba Visa to stay further in the country of Cub

If you apply your visa through post , the process will take almost one or two weeks. Another important thing is that you will have to prove that you will not be staying in Cuba permanently. For that you will need to show your return ticket. Along with that you will also have to show the proofs that you have booked rooms in a hotel for period of time in Cuba. The hotel bookings must be for minimum three nights.

If you are traveling from the United States, it will be a little difficult for you to get the visa. In fact In US the common citizens are prohibited to visit Cuba. However, there are special preference for the license holders such as journalists, governments and so on.

Cuba Travel Guide
Here is your Cuba Travel Guide that would be of immense help if you are traveling to Cuba. Cuba tourism is as exciting as it is simple, thanks to the several Cuban travel agencies that shoulder the responsibility of chalking out your tour schedule in Cuba. So you need not break your head deciding on the minor details of your trip. All you have to do to take a trip to Cuba is make a wise choice of the tourism agency you are approaching, the rates they charge you and the places they take you to. Cuba Tourism would be one of a life time experience that is guaranteed.

Following are the names of some government tourism agencies and their contact details that you can avail if you want a professional Cuba Travel Guide.

Cuba is an exciting subtropical destination to be in if you are out there to enjoy the beach side good life. The activities are varied and every one of every age has something or the other to do. Snorkeling. scuba diving, salsa, nightclubs, fishing, jungle hiking, kayaking, cave touring are just a few to mention.

Excursions in Cuba
Excursions in Cuba are very adventurous and exiting. The spirit of the Cubans is unbeatable and that is the reason Cuba is always full of life. There is no end to Cuban Excursions as there is no end to the number of places to be visited. There are different kind of tours and adventures and outdoor activities cherished by the Cubans. Cubans are very active people who live life to the fullest. Cuba, the most popular Caribbean island is located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Trips in Cuba
  1. Pirate Adventure: Amidst the greenery flows the beautiful rivers, where scuba diving, river rafting and pirate adventures are encouraged.
  2. Jungle Tour: Wildlife in Cuba is as attractive as possible. Though mostly it remains untouched, but nobody can disagree to the presence of world's most different creatures there. From wild crocodiles to frogs, the forests include unique animal and plant species.
  3. Historical Tour: The museums are of great importance in Cuba. The blend of old dilapidated buildings with the new multi storied ones is simple outstanding. The old churches and museums are worth visiting as they hold the tradition with its beauty. Colon necropolis and Capitol are two of the most extraordinary buildings in Havana, the capital of Cuba.
  4. Beach Tour: Beaches are the most popular tourist spots in Cuba. The exotic beaches still continue to have the Spanish culture with native crafts. The mixture of white sandy beaches and delightful colonial atmosphere attracts the tourists the most.
Cuba attracts highest number of tourists by its beach, nature, wildlife, music and dance. Cuban Excursions are of highest adventure because of the enthusiasm of the local people as well as the tourists visiting from U.S.A and Europe.

City NamePopulationCity NamePopulation
Havana2201610Pinar del Río139336
Santiago de Cuba423392Matanzas127287
Camagüey301574Ciego de Avila106225
Holguín269618Sancti Spíritus98283
Santa Clara210220Manzanillo97038
Bayamo144664Palma Soriano76169
Las Tunas143582Moa57652

  Major Tourist Attractions of Cuba  
Old HavanaBaconao
Sierra MaestraParque De Los Mártires
El CapitolioEstadio Guillermón Moncada
El TempleteAcuario Nacional De Cuba
Castillo De San Pedro De La RocaTurquino National Park

  National Parks in Cuba  
National Park NameType of ParkNational Park NameType of Park
Alejandro de HumboldtNational ParkLos IndiosEcological Reserve
Centro y Oeste de Cayo CocoEcological ReserveTuabaquey - LimonesEcological Reserve
La BayamesaNational ParkAlturas de Banao (El Naranjal)Ecological Reserve
Desembarco del GranmaNational ParkEl SalanEcological Reserve
HatibonicoEcological ReserveLa CocaEcological Reserve
TurquinoNational ParkLa Mensura - PilotosNational Park
Mogotes de JumaguaEcological ReserveMaternillo TortuguillaEcological Reserve
CiÚnaga de ZapataNational ParkPunta FrancÚsNational Park
Pico CristalNational ParkBacunayaguaEcological Reserve
VialesNational ParkPico MogoteEcological Reserve

Last Updated On : March 30, 2013