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New Hampshire Flag

by Aakash Singha

The New Hampshire Flag was adopted in 1909 by the State Legislature of New Hampshire, although the original design has been retained from 1784.

New Hampshire Flag

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About New Hampshire Flag

From the New Hampshire Flag history it has been gathered that the New Hampshire Flag had been modified once in 1931, to lay more emphasis on the state seal.

Description of New Hampshire Flag

The official New Hampshire Flag comprises the state seal on a dark blue background. Encircling the seal is a beautiful wreath of laurel leaves, with 9 stars of gold placed at regular intervals. On the seal is a depiction of the famous Raleigh ship, with a huge chunk of granite nearby. A golden sun is seen rising behind a mass of blue water. This beautiful scenery is encircled with the statement ‘”Seal of the State of New Hampshire 1776.”

Symbolism of New Hampshire Flag

The ship named Raleigh was constructed during the time of the Revolutionary War to defeat the British. It was one of the first war vessels commissioned by the American navy. The 9 stars in the wreath stand for the state, which was the 9th one to gain admission into the Union.1776 suggests the year when New Hampshire gained liberty. The ship was also built in the same year. On all sides of the war ship is the Atlantic Ocean. The granite rock reminds people of the state’s nickname (the Granite State) and also serves as a symbol for the people’s character in the state. The New Hampshire Flag beautifully portrays the past heritage of the state which has reflections even in the present.

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