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Wiki Map

Wiki Map is one of the most popular Online Map Makers. Wikipedia, which is a free online encyclopedia, provides maps for almost all the locations in the world. Moreover the dynamic approach of Maps by Wiki lets the people easily edit and add new places. These places in the Maps of Wiki appear as markers. When one clicks on a marker a little info window shows up. This info window generally contains texts, images, videos and a lot more.

Wiki Map is based on WordPress and Openlayers. It is recommended that while upgrading from version 1.1, deactivation of Wikimap 1.1 and the rc-custom-values plugins should be done along with deleting the files of these plugins present in the plugin directory and then proceed to the INSTALLATION section.

Wiki Maps can be enlarged for a better and detailed view of the locations. The usefulness of the maps makes them popular among students as well as researchers and geographers.

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