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World Map of Medieval Era

Vincenzo Coronell

Regarded as one of the legendary map makers of the world, Vincenzo Coronell wrote and produced hundreds of maps and titles. Named among the famous map makers of the 17th century, Vincenzo Coronelli possessed great geographical knowledge.

Born in 1650, he started his career as a cleric. From a young age he had keen interest in map making and general geography. He was also an expert encyclopedist. He soon caught attention of King Louis XIV and the king made him the royal cartographer of his court. Along with a large number of maps, Coronelli produced more than 140 titles in his career. The globe gores created by Coronelli were accumulated and given the spherical shape. They were sold in the form of complete globes. Coronelli had access to the documents in the French Academy of Sciences and his maps reflect extensive research conducted by him on the legendary explorations and discoveries.

By 1684, Vincenzo Coronelli came back to his hometown Venice, Italy. There, he established the geographical society - Academia Cosmografica degli Argounati. He went to became Venice's top cosmographer. He breathed his last in the year 1718.

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