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World Map of Modern Era

Hermann Haack

Hermann Haack was one of the legendary map makers of the modern era, who is renowned for repairing and modernizing the Adolf Stielers hand Atlas. He also assisted in developing the Schulwandkarten.

Hermann Haack was born in 1872 in the region of Friedrichshafen Werth. He attained the friendship of Bernhard Perthes, who supported him financially as he came from a humble background. Haack pursued the study of cartography and geography in the year 1893. His keen interest in cartography led him to University of Gottingen where he became the ardent follower of Hermann Wagner, one of the eminent cartographers of the age. It was on the recommendation of this cartographer that Hermann Haack obtained the position of the assistant of Ferdinand von Richthofen. After completing his thesis on the study of the average height of the continent of South America Hermann Haack got a permanent position at the Institute of Geography. Soon he was allotted his first assignment, Deutsche Schulatlas.

Hermann Haack founded The Association of German Schulgeographen in 1912. He returned to work in the geographical institute after the end of the World War. He breathed his last in 1966 at the age of 94 years.

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