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World Map of Modern Era

John Tallis

John Tallis is considered among the renowned cartographers of the 19th century. John Tallis was born in the year 1838. Not only he was an expert cartographer, John Tallis was a renowned publisher too. John Tallis established the Tallis & Company and produced some of the best maps under that banner.

One of the famous maps published by John's company was the Illustrated Atlas of World in the year of 1851. It was published in 1849 and the illustrations were done by J. Rapkin. Wide usage of vignettes and ornamented engravings were the specialties of John's works.

John Tallis drew inspiration from John Rapkin. John Tallis wrote extensively on travelogues in the middle of the 19th century. The maps issued by John Tallis provided a vivid illustration of the topographic features. The famous cartographer used minimum amount of colors.

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