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World Map of Medieval Era

Johann Bayer

One of the most renowned medieval map makers, Johann Bayer is a prominent figure in cartography.

Johann Bayer was born in the year 1572 in Germany and expired in the year 1625 in the same country. He did his schooling at Ingolstadt and Augsburg. He was a lawyer and an amateur astronomer.

In the year 1612, Bayer was appointed for giving legal advice to the city council at Augsburg. Johann Bayer rose to fame for the Uranometria, which was published in the year 1603. This is a pioneering work in the field of celestial cartography.

This atlas contains maps in which the position of the stars is accurately mentioned. The information about the location of the stars is taken from the catalog by Brahe.

The atlas by Bayer includes two hemispheres and forty-nine constellations. In the forty-ninth map, twelve new southern constellations are shown. These constellations were described by De Houtmann and Keyser, who were two Dutch navigators.

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