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Diogo Homem

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Diogo Homem, a well known Portuguese cartographer was born in the year 1520 and lived till 1576. His father Lopo Man was also a famous XVI century Portuguese cartographer. Diogo Homem of Portugal had lived the major portion of his life in England.

Diogo Homem or Diogo Man (in English) had produced most of his cartographic works between the years of 1557 and 1576. "Atlas of Diogo Man" is considered as one of his major works, which is written on parchment bright. He has used the letter on South America as one of his major letters. South America and its other series - South America II and South America III are incorporated in the Atlas of Diogo Man.

  • The pages written on South America in 1558 can be now found in the British Museum of London and National Library of France.
  • The pages written in 1568 were compiled into South America II and are now available in the Public Library of Dresden which consists of 2 sheets, where the term New World denotes South America.
  • The pages on South America III that were written in 1568 are also available in the Public Library of Dresden. Apart from incorporating the "Atlas of Diogo Man" in this letter, it also bears the insignia of Spanish domination on the major portion of the American Continent. "Atlas of Diogo Man" is one of the most widely acclaimed works of Diogo Homem, the Cartographer.

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