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World Map of Modern Era

Johann Friedrich Endersch

Johann Friedrich Endersch was born on the 25th of October in the year of 1705. He was a famous German cartographer and mathematician. Endersch was born in Dornfeld in Thuringia and had spent most of his life in Elblag in Royal Prussia, Poland. He got his education in mathematics at the University of Berlin.

In the year of 1755, Johann Friedrich Endersch completed a map of Warmia for Prince-Bishop Adam Stanislaw Grabowski and named it "Tabula Geographica Episcopatum Warmiensem In Prussia Exhibens". This was one of the great Works of Johann Friedrich Endersch. This detailed map, which showed all the towns of Warmia was commissioned for the court of the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I.

Johann Friedrich Endersch got the title of Royal Mathematician from Augustus III of Poland. He was also one of the popular Map Makers of Modern Era, as this great Polish mapmaker had made a copper etching, which projected a galley or sailing ship, built in Elbing in 1738 and was named Die Stadt Elbing. Friedrich passed away on the 28th of March in the year of 1769.

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