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World Map of Modern Era

Charles F. Hoffmann

Charles F. Hoffmann also known as Charles Frederick Hoffmann was born in the year 1838. After emigrating to the United Sates of America he became the cartographer for Frederick Lander's review of the Rocky Mountains. He settled down in California from the year 1858 and was employed as a topographer in the California Geological Survey. He was one of those people who introduced topography in the United States of America. Hoffmann was also an explorer who assisted in the exploration of the Sierra Nevada of California. One of the chief members of the California Geological Survey, he was responsible for creating many topographical maps.

In the year 1870, he got married to Lucy Mayotta Browne. Charles became a professor at Harvard University in the year 1871. Later on, he became a mining engineer and worked at several places such as Mexico, Virginia, Nevada and San Francisco. He died in the year 1913 at California.

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