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World Map of Modern Era

John Mitchell

John Mitchell, the cartographer was born in the year 1711 in Virgina in an affluent merchant family of America. He was a botanist but studies on natural history and geography had always interested him. It is believed that John Mitchell, while traveling through England decided to pursue cartography.

Work of John Mitchell

John Mitchell has a lot of work to his credit. He produced many masterpieces during his lifetime. His works are discussed in a nutshell below:

  • Cartographer John Mitchell had constructed a detailed map of 18th century North America. This map is now known as Mitchell Map. This map was referred to while signing the Treaty of Paris in 1783. It plays an important role even today to resolve disputes over border.
  • John Mitchell had also served as a cartographer in the Board of Trade and Plantations.
  • John Mitchell had devised a new map, which was published by Andrew Millar in 1755. This map was known as "A Map of the British and French Dominions in North America." It is reckoned that the second edition of this map was published in 1757.
  • Mitchell's book titled "The Present State of Great Britain and North America, With Regard to Agriculture, Population, Trade, and Manufacturers, Impartially Considered" was published after 1755.

    John Mitchell's works were widely acclaimed by cartographers all over the world. Even after his sad demise in1768, his Map of North America, which was brought out in the 18th century is utilized for the purpose of reference till date.

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