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World Map of Modern Era

Matthias Seutter

One of the renowned cartographers of Europe, Matthias Seutter was a German by birth. Born in1678 in Augsburg to a goldsmith, Matthias Seutter received his initial trainings from famous cartographer Johann Homann at Nuremberg. He worked for him as an engraving apprentice.

After gaining much experience in map making, Matthias Seutter returned to his hometown and worked for Jeremias Wolff at his publishing house. He later commenced a cartographic printing business under his ownership. This was in the year 1707 and there were no looking back after that. Gradually in 1710, he started producing maps and by 1728, Matthias Seutter's company earned fame for producing quality atlases and globes. He published the Atlas Geographicus Accurate, Atlas Minor and Big Atlas. Atlas Geographicus Accurate was published with 46 cards while the Big Atlas comprised of 1313 maps in all. Atlas Minor was published as a pocket atlas with 64 cards.

Charles VI honored him by bestowing him the post of imperial geographer. He passed away in the year 1757. His sons-in-law, G.B.Probst and Conrad Lotter and his son Albrecht Karl took over his business after his death. Conrad Lotter soon acquired the sole proprietorship over the business and published the original plates under his own name removing Seutter's name.

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