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World Map of Medieval Era

Nicolas Sanson

Nicolas Sanson is one of the most well known medieval map makers of the world. He made a great deal of contribution in the field of world map making.

Nicolas Sanson is also called 'the father of French cartography.' The most important reason for the name and fame of Sanson is the fact that his maps marked a shift of focus from the Low Countries to France in the field of cartography.

Nicolas Sanson is one of the most reputed French map makers. These French map makers succeeded the Dutch map makers. Sanson's maps, like the other maps created by the French cartographers of the time, are known for the pioneering scientific techniques that they used in cartography.

Nicolas is often considered as one of the first reputed map makers who employed the techniques of modern cartography. The maps created by him are both historically important and visually attractive.

Unlike the Dutch maps of the earlier times, the world map created by Nicolas Sanson gives emphasis to hydrographic and geographic information. The information about the interior and the outer boundaries of the continents in this map is quite accurate. He also created maps on Asia, Europe and the Low Countries.

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