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World Map of Modern Era

Bernard J.S. Cahill

Bernard J.S. Cahill is also known as Bernard Joseph Stanislaus Cahill. He was born on 1866 and lived till 1944. Cartographer Bernard J.S. Cahill was a famous architect too.

Mapmaker Bernard J.S. Cahill's passion for cartography made him very famous. Some of his achievements are enlisted below:

  • Bernard J.S. Cahill invented the octahedral "Butterfly Map" that came out in1909 and it was patented in 1913.
  • He advocated the inception and growth of San Francisco Civic Center from 1899 till1909.
  • He also designed Columbarium of San Francisco.
  • He constructed "Map of the World" that had become very famous.
  • He invented the "Geographic Globe" or rubber-ball globe that flattens like a Butterfly Map and again returns to its previous ball shape. He further masterminded great works like "Projections for World Maps" (1929), "One Base Map in Place of Five" (1940) and a "New Map for Meteorologists".

    Cartographer Bernard J.S. Cahill is known as one of the legends in the era of modern map making because of his influential works in the domain of map making. Bernard J.S. Cahill is still considered as an ideal by many map makers or cartographers of the present day.

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