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World Map of Medieval Era

Petrus Plancius

Petrus Plancius, the celebrated Dutch cartographer, was born on 1552 and lived till May 15, 1622.

Apart from being a cartographer, he was a famous astronomer and clergyman too. Petrus Plancius the cartographer was also known as Pieter Platevoet. He majored in Theology from England and Germany.

The works of Petrus Plancius as a Cartographer were widely accepted. His works and achievements on cartography have been discussed below:

Some of the major works of Petrus Planciu's include:

  • He drew more than 100 maps for the Dutch East India Company.
  • "Nova et exacta Terrarum Tabula geographica et hydrographica" - one of his most popular world maps came out in 1592.
  • Petrus Plancius also published various navigational guides, journals and articles in order to make navigation easier. Apart from these, he devised a new technique to determine longitude.
  • He also pioneered the use of Mercator projection.

    A celestial globe was produced by him in 1592. Petrus Plancius also added the new constellations along with the already existing places on the globe, which he made on 1598.

    Petrus Planciu's works have been appreciated world wide. His great contributions are still treasured by the present day map makers across the globe.

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