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Map Makers of the Ancient World

World Map of Ancient time

Map Makers of the Ancient World have contributed a great deal to the subject of geography. The geographers of the medieval and modern era are grateful to these people for inventing different ways of map making. Ancient World Map Makers introduced and combined various techniques, which were quite novel at the time. The plates of the maps were still in use till late medieval period.

Some of the famous map makers of the ancient world are Anaximander, Hecataeus, Dicaearchus, Eratosthenes, Hipparchus, Isidore, Al-Idrisi, Eckhard Unger and Ptolemy. These Legendary Map Makers of the World were influenced by each others' works from time to time and produced great maps, which are invaluable even today. The mapmakers used aesthetics, science, and technical ability to create accurate and understandable representations, which could help students of mapping to peruse the details effectively. They used various symbols and different scales in the maps.

In the earlier times, due to lack of source of information, many places were not included in the maps, which were later corrected by various map makers. Moreover, they had faced problems in compiling the information. However, their efforts proved to be of immense use for the future generations.

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