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World Map of Modern Era

Jacques Bertin

Jacques Bertin was a famous cartographer from France. He was born in the year 1918 in a place called Maison. Cartographer Jacques Bertin of France, is better known as the Farther of Semiology "graphic", which is also synonymous to the graph. Jacques Bertin studied cartography as well as Geography at Sorbonne.

It is well known that Map maker Jacques Bertin was extremely successful during his lifetime. His major achievements and works have been discussed in the list below.

Works of Jacques Bertin:

  • Jacques Bertin had published numerous scientific maps, papers and articles on map making, semiology, graphical information and graphic processing
  • The idea of historical atlas, published in 1997 was conceived by him. He used the planks synoptic to highlight each historical period, migration, birth of civilizations and the important issues occurring in the subset géohistorique. This atlas is very user friendly as readers can easily make out all the details pertaining to a specific civilization.

    Achievements of Jacques Bertin:

  • Jacques Bertin also pioneered the development of EPHE, a mapping laboratory
  • He had presided over the National Center for Scientific Research as the Head
  • He was the Director of Laboratory for graphics and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)

    The works, achievements and contributions of Jacques Bertin in the world of cartography, has made him one of the legendary map makers of the Modern Era.

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