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World Map of Medieval Era

Giovanni Battista Agnese

Considered among the famous cartographers of 16th century, Giovanni Battista Agnese hailed from the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. Well known for his production Atlas of World, Giovanni Battista Agnese produced numerous maps containing sea charts.

The specialty of Giovanni Battista Agnese's maps was the usage of decorative features. He also included voyage routes of famous sailors like Ferdinand Magellan. The absence of longitudes is another striking feature of his maps. His maps have a considerable amount of readership since they are unique in nature.

During the mid 16th century, Giovanni Battista Agnese created several Portolan atlases. These maps were oval in shape and very colourfully illustrated. Giovanni used different colors to signify separate geographical features like brown for mountain, blue for rivers, red to point the Red Sea and so on.

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