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World Map of Modern Era

Philippe Vandermaelen

Philippe Vandermaelen was a famous Flemish cartographer. He was born in the year 1791 and died in the year 1869. Cartographer Philippe Vandermaelen was also an eminent geographer.

His success as a cartographer had earned Philippe Vandermaelen an envious position among the other cartographers of that time period.

A list of his notable works and achievements are mentioned below:

  • Works of Philippe Vandermaelen had masterminded the creation of a Universal Atlas and this had made him very famous. It is also believed that he was one of the founding members of the School of Geographical at Molenbeek Brussels, which is now known as the Geographical Institute military.
  • Philippe Vandermaelen involved himself in creating and publishing maps. He had published numerous maps. He had extensively used the metric system to determine the scales on his maps. Thus, these maps reflect scientific accuracy of a very high level. The Map of Belgium, that was published in 1866, is an outstanding example of this.

    Philippe Vandermaelen, a map maker of the modern era, had taken initiatives to make the map of Belgium extremely presentable and user friendly. This is one of the prime reasons why Philippe Vandermaelen's Map of Belgium is still used as a guide.

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