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World Map of Medieval Era

Henricus Hondius

One of the famous Dutch cartographers, Henricus Hondius initially helped his father and brother to expand their family business of map making. Later in 1621, he opened his own business firm in the city of Amsterdam.

Henricus Hondius was born in 1597. His father Jodocus Hondius Sr. was himself an ace cartographer. Jodocus was instrumental in resolving one of the major problems faced by the cartographers of the earlier age. He devised the method of reproducing spherical objects on the two dimensional and continuous rectangular surface. After him, his family continued the business of map making and rose to the popularity comparable to the Blaeu family.

In 1641, Henricus Hondius modified the existing maps made by his family to publish the Mercator- Hondius Atlas. He passed away in 1651.

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