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World Map of Medieval Era

Gerard de Jode

Gerard de Jode was a famous engraver, publisher and cartographer of the 16th century. He was born in Nijmegen in 1509 and expired in Antwerp in 1591.

In 1547 Gerard de Jode- the cartographer began working as a print seller. Initially he published the works of many famous cartographers like Gastaldi, Jacob van Deventer, Ortelius' eight sheet map of the world and many other major maps. He started his work as a cartographer much later.

One of his most noted works as a cartographer is the Speculum Orbis Terrarum, which was published in 1578. It was brought out exactly 8 years after one of his other works named Ortelius' Theatrum was published. Gerard de Jode, the map maker is remembered even today for his excellent work and contribution in the area of map making. Although, it is very difficult to find his original works today, yet an expanded and re- printed form of his works, published by Cornelius (his son) is available.

The works of the famous Cartographer Gerard de Jode are used by various cartographers' across the globe even today for purposes of reference.

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