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Eastern Europe Map

The map of Eastern Europe shows the countries that are located in the Eastern part of Europe. The Eastern European countries include Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary and Republic of Moldova.

Map of Eastern Europe Russia Ukraine Belarus Poland Russia Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Romania Moldova Bulgaria
Description : Eastern Europe map showing the political boundaries of countries which are the part of eastern Europe. Disclaimer

Eastern European countries

Country Capital Area Population - 2016
BelarusMinsk 80,153 sq mi (207,595 km2 )9,498,364 
BulgariaSofia42,614 sq mi (110 370 km² )7,153,784 
Czech Republic Prague 30,450 sq mi (78,866 km2 )NA
HungaryBudapest35,920 sq mi (93,030 km2 )9,830,485 
PolandWarsaw120,726 sq mi (312,679 km2 )37,967,209 
Republic of MoldovaChișinău 13,068 sq mi (33,846 km2 )3,553,056 
RomaniaBucharest92,043 sq mi (238,391 km2 )19,760,314 
Russian FederationMoscow 6,592,800 sq mi (17,075,200 km2 )146,544,710 
SlovakiaBratislava18,933 sq mi (49,035 km2 )5,426,252 
UkraineKiev 233,000 sq mi (603,500 km2 )NA

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Last Updated on: May 17, 2017

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