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World Map of Medieval Era

Johann Elert Bode

Johann Elert Bode was born on the 19th of January in the year of 1747 and passed away on the 23rd of November in the year of 1826. Bode had never been to formal school; rather he received his education from his father. His father's wish was to make him the successor of the business, which is why Johann Elert Bode received ample training in merchandizing.

In the year of 1765, Johann Elert Bode was introduced to Johann Georg Busch by a family physician. Busch, who was a professor of mathematics at the Hamburg Academic "Gymnasium," was impressed by the amateur calculations made by Bode. In 1766 Bode's first issue on the Solar Eclipse of August 5, 1766 was released. Among the great Works of Johann Elert Bode and his early observational highlights were the detection of the transit of Venus on June 3, 1769, the information of the comet of 1770 and the independent co-discovery of the comet of 1769.

Johann Elert Bode was highly influenced by Busch and his works. Bode in his own work had given much importance to the empirical law of the planetary distances. He had found this law in the work of Johann Daniel Titius. Bode received the status of a calculator, with the designation of a Professor, at the Berlin Academy of Sciences in the year of 1772. On 6th of January 1779, Johann Elert Bode came upon the comet of that year. He is thus known as one of the famous Map Makers of Ancient World.

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