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World Map of Medieval Era

Pedro Reinel

Pedro Reinel was a famous cartographer, who belonged to Portugal. Pedro Reinel of Portugal was one of the most popular map makers of his country in the16th century.

Pedro Reinel's works are still known for their perfection. Cartographer Pedro Reinel had written the oldest letter of marer Portuguese, which is also known as the oldest signed Portuguese nautical chart. This was mainly a portulano (a European nautical letter), which covered few areas of Africa and almost the whole of Western Europe. Pedro Reinel had an influence of geographic expeditions in this project that were brought forward by Diogo Co in 1482-1485.

Later on, in the mid 1500s Pedro Reinel the cartographer along with Lopo Homem (a famous Portuguese cartographer) and Jorge Reinel (his son) took active part in creating the famous Miller Atlas.

Pedro Reinel founded the nautical chart and named it as the Atlantic Chart in 1504. This chart elaborately showed the latitudes along with all the scales. This chart also comprised a wind rose, which had fleur-de - lys (an iris flower used symbolically) that was drawn very clearly.

The major projects of Pedro Reinel's made him earn worldwide fame.

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