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World Map of Modern Era

Thomas Moule

Thomas Moule was one of the eminent scholars from England who was born at St Marylebone in London in the year 1784. He is noted for creating the county maps, which are engraved with great details. This legendary map maker of the modern era initially started his career as a bookseller and later attained popularity as a cartographer and writer.

The first volume of Moule's County Maps appeared between 1830 and 1832 during the reign of King William IV. The collected maps of Moule were published in two volumes by George Virtue in the year 1836. Barclays Complete and Universal English, published in 1841, featured the topographical maps of Thomas Moule. The later editions of his cartographic representations mark the railways in the separate counties.

The maps of Thomas Moule were engraved in steel plates and decorated with embellishments like armorials. These maps represent the last collection of the designed map projections, which was a predominant tradition in cartography in the early ages. Thomas Moule's maps are renowned even in the present day for their quality and majestic appearance.

Thomas Moule is also noted for his contribution as a writer on heraldry. He worked in the Lord Chamberlain's department. The legendary cartographer breathed his last in the year 1851.

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