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World Map of Modern Era

Erwin Raisz

Erwin Raisz was a significant Hungarian geographer and cartographer, born in Locse, Hungary in 1893. His Landform mapping pioneered the field of map making in the early half of the 20th century. These maps depicted the various physical features of the earth.

In 1923, Erwin went to USA where he worked for the American Geographical Society, which is situated in the New York city. From 1930s to 1950s he worked with the Harvard's Institute of Geographical Exploration. In the meantime, in 1938, Erwin published General cartography, his first book on map making in English. Another of his book, Principles of Cartography was printed in 1962. These books provide information on how to built projections, history of map making and how to use hand rendered maps with full illustration.

At a very early age he gained an interest in studying maps and devoted his whole life in studying geography, maps and cartography. Before he emigrated to United States he received a degree in architecture and civil engineering from Royal Polytechnicum, Budapest, Hungary.

Erwin Raisz is regarded as one of the pioneering cartographers of the world.

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