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World Map of Modern Era

Arno Peters

Arno Peters is one of the renowned German cartographers. He is best known for preparing the Peters World Map. Peters was a German journalist and historian born in the capital city of Germany on 22nd May, 1916. His world map brought him global recognition.

Arno Peters received his PhD in history of art and journalism from the University of Berlin. In 1974, the Institute for Universal History was co-founded by him in Bremen. In this institute he presented cartographic, historical and geographical presentations. Along with presenting many awards, the University of Bremen also presented an honorary professorship to Arno Peters .

His map was first published in English in 1983. All over the world about 80 million copies of his map were sold in different languages. Peters Atlas of the World was first published in 1989 in Britain. Later this atlas also appeared in other versions like Danish, German, Spanish and Italian. His atlas became the only atlas of the world that focuses on all the land areas, which includes uninhabited regions like the Antarctica.

Outside map making one of Peter's chief publication was Synchronoptic World History, a chronological chart that was printed in 1952 in Germany. He died on 2nd December in the year 2002. He is survived by Maarzena, his wife and seven children. The outstanding contribution of Arno Peters made him one of the legendary map makers of the world.

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