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World Map of Modern Era

Henry Peter Bosse

Henry Peter Bosse was a German- American map maker, cartoonist and photographer. He was born in the year 1844 and died in 1903. his death is considered to be an unnatural one. Henry Bosse shifted to United States of America in the year 1870 and settled in Chicago. He set up a small business of stationery goods. Later on, he was employed as a cartographer in the Army Engineers Corporation at Illinois.

Between the years 1882 and 1892, he published his photographs of the upper Mississippi river. Some of his albums became quite famous and they were produced at the World Columbian Exposition of 1893. One of his well-known photographs is the "Vanished Mississippi". His collection of photographs are now preserved in the J. Paul Getty Museum. Some of his works have been bought by art lovers during the photo exhibitions. His photographs are the best representations of the 19th century photography of landscapes. It has been found out that, Bosse was connected to Abraham Bosse, the famous topography theorist of France. Several authors have made Bosse's photography the subject of their books.

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