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Nicolas Auguste Tissot

Nicolas Auguste Tissot was born in the year of 1824. One of the best cartographers that France has ever produced, Nicolas Auguste Tissot is famous for his work - Tissot's Indicatrix. His exemplary invention created waves in the cartography world.

Nicolas Auguste Tissot issued Memoir sur la representation des surfaces et les projections des cartes geographiques in the year of 1881. He applied mathematical principles while outlining maps of different places. A notable cartographer of the 19th century, Nicolas Auguste Tissot has produced several prominent works related to maps.

Published in the years of 1859 and 1871 respectively, Tissot's Indicatrix was actually a technique to measure the distortion caused by the projection of a map. The fact that map distortions include an elliptical figure rather than an infinitesimal circle was first proved by Nicolas Auguste Tissot. Three main map distortions namely area, angular and linear are specified in Tissot's Indicatrix.

Nicolas Auguste Tissot was not only an expert map maker but also a well known mathematician. He passed away at an age of 73 in 1897.

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