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World Map of Medieval Era

Lopo Homem

Lopo Homem is one of the illustrious cartographers of the 16th century who hailed from Portugal. He served the Portuguese and Spanish crown by acting as a member of the commission that set limits to the spheres of navigation.

Lopo Homem worked as the Master of Navigation Charts or Mestre de Cartas de Marear. He was appointed by King Manuel I of Portugal to create an atlas that would be gifted to Francis I of France. His introductory map appears in the Brazilian stamp in Miller Atlas preserved in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. Lopo Homem accurately demarcated the areas explored by the Portuguese in the map that features in the Brazilian stamp. In the other areas of the map, he fails to retain the accuracy that leads to unnecessary exaggeration.

Lopo Homem collaborated with Pedro Reinel to create several maps. His son, Diogo Homem, was also one of the reputed cartographers of Portugal. Lopo Homem, the reputed cartographer, died in the year 1565.

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