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Eratosthenes was one of the leading scholars of his age who had acquired knowledge in several subjects. This distinguished scholar had several accomplishments, in various branches of knowledge, attributed to his name.

Eratosthenes, one of the legendary map makers of the ancient world, was born in 276 BC in Cyrene, which is presently situated in Libya. While a pupil, he received instructions from various philosophers such as Callimachus, Ariston of Chios and Lysanias of Cyrene. The scholar is reputed for his theories in mathematics and geography. He is noted for his immense contributions in the field of geography. He accurately measured the earth's axis and its circumference. Eratosthenes also outlined the route of the River Nile and its tributaries.

Eratosthenes created several maps of the world which featured the countries of Great Britain, India and Sri Lanka. Although the original map projections are no longer extant, the illustration of the original was reconstructed according to the description provided by Posidonius and Cleomedes, who had viewed Eratosthenes' map.

Eratosthenes was nicknamed Beta the Second and Pentathlos by his contemporaries for his contributions in varied subjects. He worked for some years as the director of the library at Alexandria. Blinded in old age, Eratosthenes died in 194 BC in Alexandria.

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