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World Map of Medieval Era

Joost Jansz Bilhamer

Joost Jansz Bilhamer hailed from the country of Netherlands. He was born in the year 1541 and lived and worked till 1590. Joost Jansz Bilhamer was reputed for his contributions as a master builder and cartographer in the 16th century. The renowned cartographer lived for only 49 years.

Joost Jansz Bilhamer was famous for the renaissance building designs which included Gothic elements. During his lifetime, Joost Jansz Bilhamer also worked as a military engineer, sculptor, land surveyor and real estate developer.

The reputed cartographer, Joost Jansz Bilhamer, created the map of Leidan in the later half of the 16th century. The map marked the entrenchments of the Spanish army that surrounded the city before laying siege on it. The map prepared by Joost Jansz Bilhamer was thus commissioned by the Spanish people. Within the next few years, Joost Jansz Bilhamer created the map of the region of North Holland.

To honor the contributions of Joost Jansz Bilhamer, a statue of the legendary cartographer was built and placed at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The cartographer stands with the model of Oudekerkstoren in the museum. Joost Jansz Bilhamer is also known for his construction of Bilhamer which was built at the same time as the map of Holland.

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