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World Map of Medieval Era

Pedro Teixeira Albernaz

Brother of well known cartographer Joao Teixeira Albernaz I, Pedro Teixeira Albernaz was a famous map maker himself. Born in 1595 in Lisbon, Pedro Teixeira Albernaz collaborated with his brother to produce several important nautical charts and maps.

Pedro Teixeira Albernaz inherited excellent talents from his father Luis and grandfather Jao Albernaz. Around 1610, Pedro Teixeira Albernaz went to Spain and began his works. Between the year 1622 and 1630, he worked for lifting the Iberian peninsular coasts. After excelling in creating nautical charts, Pedro shifted his interest to making topographical survey charts. His reputed work, The Descripcion de Espana y de las costas de sus puertos y kingdoms, is preserved in the library of Vienna. Other than these, Pedro Teixeira Albernaz also produced the Topography of Madrid and The Descripción del Reyno de Portugal y de los Reynos de Castilla.

Pedro and his brother Joao were appointed to produce the maps of Straits of Magellan and St. Vincent. Pedro settled down in Spain and began his business there. He was greatly influenced by Joao Baptista Lavanha and King Philip of Spain. He died in the year 1662 at Madrid.

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