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World Map of Medieval Era

Peter Apian

One of the pioneer German renaissance humanists, Peter Apian contributed immensely to the fields of mathematics, cartography and astronomy. The Apianus crater of the moon was named in his honour.

Peter Apian was born on 16th April, 1495 to a shoemaker's family. He was named Peter Bienewitz. He received his education in the Latin school in Rochlitz and continued his further studies in University of Leipzig. He Latinized his name from Bienewitz to Apianus during his days in the university. Peter Apian also visited the University of Vienna where he acquired knowledge on geography and mathematics. After completion of his academics in Vienna, Peter Apian visited Regensburg and finally settled in Landshut where he married Katharina Mosner, the daughter of councilman of Landshut, in the year 1526. Together they had 14 children of which Phillip Apian was one of the legendary map makers of the world.

The Cosmographicus liber, published in the year 1524, is one of the most revered works of Peter Apian. This book , based on navigation and astronomy, was published in 14 different languages. Impressed by his work, Emperor Charles V nominated Peter Apian as the armiger. He published the Astronomicum Caesareum in the year 1540. The book was dedicated to the emperor himself. Along with these, Peter Apianus contributed significantly towards the areas of astronomy and mathematics.

One of the first maps of the world was designed by Peter Apian. The world map was graphically presented on a heart shaped projection.

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