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World Map of Modern Era

Joseph de Ferraris

Joseph Jean Francois Count de Ferraris also known as Joseph de Ferraris was born on the 20th of April in the year 1726 in Lorraine. In 1767, he became the general in the Australian artillery, field marshal in the Australian Netherlands and freemason. Between 1771 and 1778, the empress Maria Theresa of Austria and emperor Joseph II appointed Ferraris to make a detailed Carte-de-Cabinet of the Austrian Netherlands.

In 1777 and 1778, Ferraris published a reduced version of the cabinet maps having a scale of 1:86.400. This was issued mainly for commercial sale. This was one of the brilliant Works of Joseph de Ferraris, and made him one of the Legendary Map Makers of Modern Era. Out of these maps, only 3 are remaining; one in the Kriegsarchiv in Vienna, one in the Rijksarchief in The Hague and the last one in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek van Belgie in Brussels.

Maps made by Joseph de Ferraris were used to a great extent for Napoleonic Wars and the military operations of the French Revolutionary Wars. This immensely talented soul left the earth on the 1st of April in 1814 in Vienna.

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