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World Map of Medieval Era

Johann Homann

Johann Homann was one of the greatest cartographers of Germany as well as the world. Johann Baptist Homann earned his reputation as a famous geographer and map maker when he made detailed maps of Europe and America.

Johann Homann was born in the year 1663 in the town of Nuremberg in Germany. At the onset of his career, he worked as an engraver. His first atlas was published in the year 1707, five years after the establishment of his personal publishing house. His publishing company rose to the popularity of being one of the reputed map publishers in Germany in the 18th century. Johann Homann accomplished success as a publisher over his competitors in the countries of France and Holland. He willed the company to his son. The business of map making continued in the Homann family for generations with the company acquiring the name Homann Heirs.

Johann Homann was bestowed with the prestigious post of Imperial Geographer of Roman Empire for his contributions. One of his many works - Grosser Atlas Ueber die ganze Welt was widely acclaimed and still considered a work of class. He breathed his last in his hometown in the year 1724.

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