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World Map of Modern Era

Jacques-Nicolas Bellin

Jacques-Nicolas Bellin was born in the year of 1703 in Paris and died on 21st of March in the year of 1772. He was assigned as a chief cartographer to the French Navy in the year of 1721. Bellin had worked for the Depot des Cartes et Plans de la Marine. He had spent 50 years of his career in created maps, which made him one of the brilliant Map Makers of Modern Era. Some of the great Works of Jacques-Nicolas Bellin are the maps of Canada and of French territories in North America.

Jacques-Nicolas Bellin had some of his works published during his lifetime. These were Hydrographie franAsaise in 1753, Petit Atlas Maritime in 1764 and Nouvelle mActhode pour apprendre la gAcographie in 1769. The last creation out of these few had five volumes and several hundreds of maps. Among the other works of Jacques-Nicolas Bellin, maps of l'Abbe Prevost's Histoire Generale des Voyages are worth mentioning. Apart from these, Bellin also made many accurate and finely engraved maps, which were separately issued. All his creations were detailed work based on valued researches.

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