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World Map of Modern Era

Richard Saul Wurman

Richard Saul Wurman, a popular graphic designer and architect from America, was born in the year of 1936. Wurman wrote and designed more than 80 books and made the TED conferences. He was one of the prime establisher of the practice of making information easily understood. In the year of 1976, he composed the phrase 'information architect' out of his reaction to a society, which invents information on a daily basis with little or no care and order.

Popular Works of Richard Saul Wurman include ACCESS travel guidebooks, which were creative as well as informative in the use of mapping content by neighborhood. He used simple colored text, which were competent for the readers to easily separate and quickly evaluate the location of museums, parks, restaurants, and other destinations of interests. His concept of design was footed on seeking information on location with ease. With this series of books, Richard Saul Wurman substantially created the use of information architecture.

Other important works of Richard Saul Wurman

  • Information Anxiety (1989)
  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Learning to Give, Take, & Use Instructions (1992)
  • Information Architects (1997)
  • Information Anxiety2 (2000)
  • Understanding USA
  • USAtlas

    His detailed works made him one of the accomplished Map Makers of Modern Era.

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