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World Map of Medieval Era

Timothy Pont

Timothy Pont, the cartographer was born on 1565 to the famous politician and cleric Robert Pont. He was a student of St Andrews University from 1580 to1583. He traveled Scotland extensively in late 1580s till the early 1590s. It was while traveling, Timothy Pont began mapping Scotland and after this an elaborate map of Scotland was innovated by Cartographer Timothy Pont.

Timothy Pont had achieved a lot mainly in the earlier part of 1600s. A list of his achievements is given below:

  • Timothy Pont was appointed as a minister at the Dunnet Parish Church located in the northern part of Scotland in the 1600s.
  • His most treasured work "Map of Scotland" came out in 1654 (after he had died). This map was published in Amsterdam by Joan Blaeu.
  • It is believed till date that Pont's holograph maps are the most important historical data of its time. These documents are extremely important in the arena of numerous historical studies like tracing settlements, places, name and so on.

    Timothy Pont had made miniature sketches of important buildings like abbeys and castles on most of his maps. Today, these sketches are of great importance to the historians.

    Timothy Pont's maps are used extensively as a blue print to study the topography of England during the ancient times.

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