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World Map of Modern Era

Edgar Lehmann

Edgar Lehmann is one of the eminent cartographers and geographers of the Modern Era. He was the representative of cartography and geography in the German Democratic Republic. Edgar Lehmann was also a faculty member of the University of Leipzig between 1950 and 1968.

Edgar Lehmann was born in Berlin on 23rd March, 1905 as the first child of Konrad Lehmann, an interior designer. He studied history, geology, geography and philosophy in the University of Berlin. He submitted his thesis in 1930.

Edgar Lehmann started his career in publishing as a volunteer; but soon, he became the editor and director of the cartographic department. Some of the important works published by him are 'Atlas of the German habitat', 'Great World Atlas' and 'Big House Meyers Atlas'. He also supervised the publication of maps in Bibliographisches Institut.

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