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World Map of Medieval Era

Beatus Mappa Mundi (730 A.D. - 798 A.D.) was born in Liebana. Beatus of Liebana was a Spanish theologian and monk, who shared same opinion with Alcuin. Beatus Mappa Mundi also took part in the debate of Adoptionist and opposed the views of Elipandus of Toledo and Felix of Urgel. One of the important works of Beatus Mappa Mundi is his Commentary on the Apocalypse, which was published in 776 A.D. The Commentary also included one of the ancient Christian world maps. Thus today he is best remembered as one of the great Medieval Map Makers of the World. However, the original map and manuscript could not survive the passage of time and only the copies of the map are present in several of the extant manuscripts.

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