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World Map of Medieval Era

Peter Schenk

Peter Schenk is one of the renowned cartographers of the medieval times. He is a very prominent figure in the international sector of map making.

A well known personality among the medieval map makers, Peter Schenk was also a Dutch publisher and cartographer. He was born at Elberfeld in Germany in the year of 1660. He started working in the field of cartography from 1695. The very first cartographic work of Pieter Schenck was a couple of maps that were published in Atlas Contractus or Atlas Minor around the year of 1696. Schenck also has to his credit another atlas called Atlantis sylloge compendiosa, which was published around the year 1702.

The second edition of the well distributed Andreas Cellarius's Celestial Atlas Harmonia Macrocosmica is considered to be the best joint publication of Gerard Valck and Peter Schenk. This edition was published in the year 1708. Another highly acclaimed joint publication of these two persons is an edition of Jan Jansson's Novus Atlas, which is called the Atlas Anglois. It was published in 1715 by David Mortier in London.

Some other well known cartographic works of Peter Schenck are the atlas depicting one hundred towns, Le Theatre de Mars (1706), Hecatompolis (1702) and Schouwburg van der Oorlog (1706).

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