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World Map of Modern Era

James Wilson

James Wilson the cartographer is better known as the first globe maker. He was born on March 15, 1763 in Londonderry at New Hampshire. It is assumed that he decided to pursue cartography in 1796, after he had moved to Vermont.

Cartographer James Wilson bought himself an encyclopedia and learned the art of map making and engraving all by himself. His main motive was to produce maps for the American school children.

James Wilson of America was determined to create a globe after he had seen a pair of celestial and terrestrial globes at an exhibition in Dartmouth College. He ultimately succeeded in this pursuit after encountering a series of failures. He was helped by Amos Doolittle to become an expert in engraving.

Map maker James Wilson of America opened his geographic globe factory for the first time in 1813 in his country. His first globe was of 13 inch and it was sold for an extremely high price. The Wilson globes had become very popular and numerous sets of terrestrial and celestial globes were put up for sale. He later on opened another factory in Albany, New York, in order to meet the growing demand. After his death in 1835, his factories were looked after by his sons.

James Wilson's technique of globe making are still held in high esteem and it is a blue- print for many globe makers of today.

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