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World Map of Medieval Era

Johannes Werner

Johannes Werner is one of the most well known geographers of the world. He is a prominent figure in the discipline of map making. Johannes Werner was born on 14th February in the year 1468 at Nuremberg in Germany. He was a German parish priest at Nuremberg. He contributed a great deal to the disciplines of astronomy, geography and mathematics.

Johannes became popular through his work in cartography. "In Hoc Opere Haec Continentur Nova Translatio Primi Libri Geographicae Cl Ptolomaei", was written in the year 1514 by Johannes Werner as a translation of Geographia by Ptolemy. Johannes promoted the Werner map projection, which is a projection map in the shape of a heart created by Johannes Stabius of Vienna around the year 1500. Werner is often considered as an important figure in weather forecasting and modern meteorology. Between the years 1513 and 1520, Werner made the first accurate observations of the weather conditions in Germany.

Werner first came up with the idea of determining the position of the moon in relation to the stars close to it. He mentioned this technique in "In Hoc Opere Haec Continentur Nova Translatio Primi Libri Geographiae Cl' Ptolomaei". Other than the above works, the contribution of Werner in the field of mathematics is also noteworthy.

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