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North Africa Map

North Africa is a region of Africa, separated from the rest of Africa by the Sahara Desert. Eight countries make up the northern region of Africa: Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and South Sudan.

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Description : North Africa Map shows the international boundaries of the North African nations and their locations in Africa. Disclaimer

North African Countries
Countries and territoriesArea(km²)PopulationCapitalGDP (Total)GDP per capitaCurrency
Algeria2,381,74137,100,000Algiers$254.7 billion (2010 est.)$7,400 (2010 est.)Algerian dinar
Egypt1,001,45080,471,869Cairo$500.9 billion (2010)$6,200 (2010)Egyptian pound
Libya1,759,5406,461,455Tripoli$89.03 billion (2010)$13,800 (2010)Libyan dinar
Morocco446,550 or 710,850 (including the disputed Western Sahara)32,226,056 (2010)Rabat$153.8 billion (2010)$4,900 (2010)Moroccan dirham
Sudan1,886,06830,894,000Khartoum$85.272 billion (2013)$2,984 (2013)Sudanese pound
Tunisia163,61010,589,025Tunis$100.3 billion (2010)$9,500 (2010)Tunisian dinar
Western Sahara266,000350,000El Aaiún$900 million (2007)$2,500 (2007)Moroccan dirham
Total, North Africa8,935,659198,996,526 $1.189 trillion5,974

North Africa is a geographic and political subdivision of Africa, consisting of eight nations: Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and South Sudan. These eight nations are separated from the rest of Africa geographically by the Sahara Desert, and all other countries in Africa are collectively referred to as Sub-Saharan Africa.

Not only is North Africa separated physically from the rest of Africa, it is also politically and culturally set apart. The countries of North Africa are part of the Arab world, as members of the Arab League. Most countries in North Africa use Arabic as at least one of their official languages. The people of North Africa are mostly Arabs and Berbers, and most adhere to the Islamic religion.

North Africa is further divided into two smaller regions: Maghreb and the Sahara. The Maghreb region makes up northwestern Africa along the Atlas Mountains, including Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. The countries in the Sahara region are Egypt, Sudan, and South Sudan.


Last Updated : March 23, 2017

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