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World Map of Medieval Era

Philipp Apian

Philipp Apian was one of the reputed cartographers from Bravaria. Born to Peter Apian on 14th September, 1531, Philipp Apian was an accomplished map maker of the 16th century.

Philipp Bienewitz or Philipp Appian received education in the University of Ingolstadt in the discipline of Mathematics. He returned to the city to teach as a professor in the University. He taught at the University of Tübingen till he lost his position for not negating Calvinism.

On request of the Duke Albrecht of Bavaria, Phillip Apian traveled through most of the regions and created a map of the Duchy. He traversed and surveyed the regions of Archbishopric Salzburg, Niederbayern, Oberbayern, Bishopric Eichstätt and Oberpfalz between 1554 to 1561. He worked for two more years to produce a 16 square feet map. The maps were made at a scale of 1:45,000. These maps were used by Jost Ammann to produce 14 woodcut regional maps. The accuracy of these maps prompted Napoleon to use it to conquer Bravaria. The stamp produced by Germany in the year 2006 to commemorate the anniversary of the town of Ingolstadt featured the map created by Philipp Apian.

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