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World Map of Modern Era

Agostino Codazzi

Agostino Codazzi, also known as Agustin Codazzi, was born on 11th July, 1793 in Lugo, which is now in Italy. After receiving primary education, he studied philosophy. He joined the army of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1810 and graduated as an artillery officer in 1813. Agostino Codazzi is also said to have participated in the battles of Ulm, Dresden, Leipzig, Lutzen and Bautzen. After the decline of the Napoleonic empire, he went to Constantinople. From Constantinople, Agustin Codazzi and his friend Captain Constant Ferrari embarked on a journey to northern Europe. He started for a journey across Moravia, Russia, Denmark, Polland, Greece, Sweden, Prussia, Wallachia and Holland.

Agostino Codazzi returned to Italy in 1822 and bought a farm near Lugo in association with another countryman. However, after staying there for 3 years he decided to return back to America in the year 1826. He is known to enter the service of the Republic of Colombia. He started his work on atlas and the geography of Venezuela in 1832. Agostino Codazzi married in 1834 and the great map maker died on the 7th of February in the year 1859.

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