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World Map of Medieval Era

Henricus Martellus Germanus

Henricus Martellus Germanus is famous all over the world for his production of World Map. It was published in the year 1490 and he immediately shot to fame. Although a German by birth, Henricus Martellus Germanus spent most of his life in Florence, Italy working with Francesco Roselli.

It is reckoned that the Erdapfell of 1492, designed by Martin Behaim, was greatly influenced by the works of Henricus Martellus Germanus. The works of Henricus Martellus Germanus were treated with so much respect and importance, that they are preserved in prestigious libraries like the British Library and Manuscript Library in the present times.

Made according to the Ptolemaic geographical systems, another well known work of Henricus Martellus Germanus is the Insularium Illustratum. He was also known as Heinrich Hammer.

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