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World Map of Modern Era

Robert Moresby

Robert Moresby was a well known chieftain of the British Royal Navy. He was also a distinguished draftsman and maritime surveyor. Moresby, the draftsman was the first one who ensured that the path from Europe to the East Indies was feasible by the steam vessels. Robert Moresby, the commander of the British Naval forces tried to ease the process of navigation through the Red Sea.

The vessel, which was created for cartographic works, was monitored by Moresby. The name of the steam vessel is HMS Palinurus. He controlled the northern region of the Red Sea and his naval base was at Suez which connected the Mediterranean Sea with that of the Indian Ocean. From the year 1829 to 1833 Moresby completed the entire study of the Red Sea. His navigational chart, which provides detailed information about the various directions for sailing in Red Sea were published in the year of 1841. He surveyed several regions other than the Red Sea such as the Gulf of Aqaba.

Capt. Robert Moresby expired in 1863. He is also credited with finding out the route to the Amerindic Ocean.

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