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World Map of Modern Era

Murdoch McKenzie

Murdoch McKenzie was a popular cartographer. Although his date of birth has not been ascertained, it is estimated that he died in 1797. Cartographer Murdoch McKenzie was born in a place known as Orkney. Besides being a renowned mapmaker of the modern era, he was a popular hydrographer (a man who has expertise in oceanography) too.

His Career and Achievements

Murdoch McKenzie, the hydrographer had served the Royal Navy. While working there he gained more insight into the studies and works involving cartography and hydrogaphy. It is a well known fact that Murdoch McKenzie, the mapmaker contributed enormously in the arena of cartography or map- making. He was considered as a savior of all the water crafts or vessels, which was put to good use in the coastline around North Ronaldsay. It was Murdoch McKenzie, who used his intellectual prowess to identify the coastline, which was located in the vicinity of North Ronaldsay. After he discovered the coastline, near to North Ronaldsay, a lighthouse at Dennis Head was immediately constructed. Thus, this was a relief to many ships in the future.

The works of Murdoch McKenzie are appreciated till date. His charts are still considered as one of the best guides and are extensively used for navigation and shipping even today.

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